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Electric Wheelchair - Journey to Independence and Mobility

Written by: James Murphy



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The feeling of not being able to walk properly or walk at all is daunting for most people. Several medical and non-medical reasons can cause mobility challenges among people. Unlike in past times, Now people facing mobility issues have "n" number of support systems, from a variety of electric chairs to proper medical professional care. In recent years, electric wheelchairs have revolutionised mobility for individuals with disabilities or mobility impairments. These innovative devices offer independence, freedom, and enhanced mobility, allowing users to easily navigate various environments. 

History of Electric Wheelchairs

The idea of invention starts with a problem that needs a quick resolution. A similar instance happened when the Canadian inventor George Klein saw mobility challenges faced by the veterans of World War II. He then and there decided to offer a solution to their mobility problems. Hence, the introduction of Electric Wheelchairs in 1953. However, the actual manufacturing started in 1956. As time passed, wheelchairs became the most essential tool for those who suffer from mobility issues.

Electric Wheelchairs over Manual wheelchairs

The biggest question is, if a wheelchair is a wheelchair, then why electric ones instead of manual ones? Well, it is not about the ability to buy better things. Electric wheelchairs are created with the idea of assisting people who cannot make use of manual ones either due to a lack of motor functions or cardiovascular strength. A lot of electric wheelchairs for sale also have the ability to be controlled by a joystick or other assistive devices, whereas manual wheelchairs require physical strength and exertion to move around, which is not possible for everyone facing mobility issues.

Benefits of Electric Wheelchairs

Mobility: One of the biggest benefits of electric wheelchairs is the ability to move freely on their own without any assistance from anyone and without using too much physical strength. From the freedom of movement to the confidence of living independently, electric wheelchairs not only assist with physical challenges but also soothe mental stress.

Independence: These wheelchairs have paved the road of independence for everyone facing mobility challenges. With their easy-to-handle design and assisted devices to control the chair, the wheelchair has enhanced the quality of life for people.

Comfort and Versatility: Manufacturers are adding new configurations and settings every day to make it easier for people to handle wheelchairs. Now, you can easily buy an electric wheelchair that fits your needs and preferences. They offer a vast deal of comfort and are often equipped with adjustable seating options, padded armrests, and reclining features.

Need to know about Electric Wheelchairs:

Even though wheelchairs are an assistance tool to help you move around in your own way, however, selecting a suitable wheelchair is equally essential. There is a proper way of sitting in an electric wheelchair to get maximum comfort and help. Most of the experts suggest considering the 90-90-90 rule. As per this rule, users should maintain a 90-degree bend in their hips, knees, and ankles while seated. Achieving this optimal posture involves meticulous measurement techniques. Here's how to accurately determine the key dimensions for a wheelchair fit:

Seat Height: Measure from the user's heel to the fold behind the knee joint. Add 2 inches for footrest clearance, or adjust with a seat cushion if needed.

Backrest Height: Vertically measure from the scapula or shoulder blade to the seat platform. Subtract 4 inches for upright positioning or customise based on the user's needs.

Seat Width: To match the seat width, it is always better to add 1 or 2 inches in the measurement of the hips of the user, along with adding some inches for bulky clothing.

Seat Depth: The correct measure for a seat depth is from the back of the user's knee to the back end of their buttocks plus a 2-inch gap. This will help avoid pressure sores and ensure circulation. Confirm a suitable depth by fitting 3-4 fingers between the seat edge and the back of the knee.

Make sure to double-check the measurements while getting the Electric Wheelchairs for Sale. These measurements ensure that the wheelchair is the right fit and will offer the much-needed comfort and mobility necessary for movement.

Wrapping Up

Power wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs started with the idea of assisting those who are in need. However, with time, it became much more. The concept of these wheelchairs has given hope to thousands of people about living a comfortable and independent life. It gave them the confidence to be on their own and have a fulfilling life. Whether it's attending school or work, socialising with friends and family, or exploring the outdoors, electric wheelchairs open up a world of possibilities for users, enabling them to pursue their passions and aspirations with confidence.

One can buy electric wheelchairs  just by sitting in the comfort of their home and do not need to face the hassle of travelling to different shops to pick one. Technology is growing and advancing with every passing second, and this advancement will undoubtedly evolve the functionality and features of these wheelchairs. They already provide a great deal of comfort and assistance. However, in the coming times, there is no doubt that this beacon of hope is going to grow bigger and better. In the end, Electric wheelchairs are not just a tool of assistance but rather a symbol of empowerment, enabling individuals to navigate life on their own terms.