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Shipping & Returns


Most orders ship within 7-10 business days. Please allow extra time for rural and regional deliveries. 


All electric wheelchairs are tested and working before they are mailed out to you.

We have heavy duty foam to avoid damage and each wheelchair is packed professionally to prevent damage, however, sometimes products may get damaged when in transit in unusual cases.

If you have received a product by us and the product is damaged, you are to immediately contact us by phone and email to confirm the problem, and take photos as evidence.

Send the photos with your initial email so that we may evaluate quicker. We will also ask you if you spoke with the delivery person and questioned them about the damage.

We recommend keeping the original box and packaging because it contains important information and if we ask for the package to be returned we will replace the damaged product free of charge.

The client is responsible for the cost of return post, unless otherwise agreed. 

Should you change your mind after a period of seven (7) days and want a return, Abode Haven reserve the right to deduct 20% of the cost of the equipment as it is deemed a change of mind and used. No negotiations applies as the equipment is used.

The cost of the equipment is the sale price on the day of the transaction by you.

For online sales you have 7 DAYS to return your product.

Elderly Safety Pendants – 7 days – If the pendant is deemed as not working. Returning the device in its original packaging, unscuffed, marked and customer pays for the return mail. Mail is signatured registered with tracking.

Electric Wheelchairs – 2 days – You have two days to establish if the electric wheelchair does not suit your needs, or is damaged, or not working.

Two days is deemed plenty of time to establish if the wheelchair does not suit you.

Your are to then call or email Abode Haven expressing your intentions to return the equipment in original packaging.

We charge an administration fee of $60.00 plus the financial institution cost which will be deducted from the refund. The product must be undamaged, as new or near new. All refunds are credited to bank accounts and we will make the request for your details when it is necessary.

All return requests after 7 Days carry the charge of $120 plus financial institution transaction amount less 20% of the equipment cost. No exceptions.

Via website 2.9% + $60 stock admin fee
By Phone : 2.9% + $60 stock admin fee


- Broken screw casings on products due to client heavy handedness by customer when screwing the backing of an elderly product does not constitute manufacturer error. 

This is the fault of the installer by over tightened screws when closing some assistive devices unnecessarily.

Refund amount is at our discretion if it is outside our seven day money back guarantee, and based on condition of equipment.

- You are responsible for the return cost of the goods. We will endeavour to keep your costs to a minimum, however, you also understand that you are liable for any damage, scuffs or wear on the equipment. 

The electric wheelchair should be returned in original packaging only. If original packaging is not returned, a 2% charge is deducted for replacement.



All Dinkum, ZUBU, Wheelator, Eagle HD, Navigator products showcased on this website hold standard twelve (12) months warranty. Unless otherwise stated in the respective product page.

If a product has been altered without the express permission of Abode Haven whilst under warranty, the equipment warranty is cancelled. 

The purchaser of the equipment is assumed to have read our terms of conditions to understand their consumer rights by law, and that of Abode Haven critical information.

All equipment bought online, via website, carry a Seven (7) day money back guarantee.

Seven (7) days begins from the first day the customer receives the equipment.

Free Shipping Australia Wide
Top Rated Customer Service
Price Match Guarantee
02 7259 3753 Call Us Today!